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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he gave to this citizens hehe died doing what he liked. >> he'll always be a hero. >> among those deeply effected by the death.e those whoa served alongside hime and those he inspired to serve. >> you know the risk when you do the job. everybody officer knows everyv day could be hise last. it's sad to see it was his. stkphr those who respected ken say his death should serve ase wake up call to the public. about the dangers of distractedt driving. >> . a formeredri avon police officeo who wasf nearly killed when a
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it's that simple. people not paying taepbg. on their phone or everybody is in a hurry. no one cares about anybody anymore. it's about themselves and somebody wasn'tnd paying attentn when i got hit. now. this cost ken hisn life. >>n . proud father of three children.h one ofi his sons serves in thehe air force.r andc stationed in south korea. he is now flying home for his fathers funeral. >>th pwha even reading it on paper. hard not to get choked up. can't even imagine what it will be like to see what they put together. so quickly. toqu show their support.pp
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three all three children. attended this twoh graduated. christian is a sophomore here at theom school. right now. he plays on the football team.t ande expected to start tonight. with the varsity team.e a linea backer he wanted to be here with his classmates withs his w team.te and with his community. what has been aom difficult tim. we can show you just last night. when he learned his father hadf been struck anda killed.i he put out thisl tweet.
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wanting to show support. even the school they're playingi comments are taking on. mid parko tonight. the bandsto from both schools ae going to be playing the national anthem. performing together. as t well. also the colors are green andnd gold. tonight it's going to be a sea of to blue. everybo in support of which i christian. and also law enforcement members. in the last thing i want to say. how amazing the school is. talktalking to the athleticic director. he was at school today.ol until noon.o and when he goto up to go home, he got a standing ovation.
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gas bar now charged with aggravated vehicular investigators sa i he plowed into trooper. killing him yesterday.e ons i 90. on the cleveland lake wood border. happened as he had been checkini speeds and tried to flag down a driver. the state says he on probation. for a drug case in alabama. and court records show years ags he got hit with a a drug charge. and then convicted for theft. we also checked his drivingng record. shows 13 convictions. eight of them for speeding.
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belti violations. or running a light. he goes to court on the newe chargew tomorrow. and investigators are already asking for a a high bond. to keep him locked up. the i team also learning about howrn thei deadly crash happene. sources say police believe he swerved. when a car in front of him hithi the brakes. >> . cost a trooper his life. looking at the history there.t forh speeding. tuz does he have a validva license. >> it isl valid. note that driving record shows a perhaps because he was out ofas state. again. ate probation for an alabamal drug conviction.
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in march of 2015. the prosecutor says patrolmanpa andt his partner.a were responding tort a report. a break in at the grocery storer and with guns drawn. confronted 18 year-old brandon jones. as he was leaving.av with a bag full of cigars. cigarettes and prosecutor says i'm as the officers were arresting jones. patrolman for reasons unknown,o negligently fired his service weapon. the bullet hit jones in the the upper chest. based on the known evidence, our office recommended and the grand jury agreed that officer'sf conducti did not meet the u.s. supreme court legal standards to justify a police officers use of
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jones died at metro health medical center. shortly after the shooting. prosecutor says it is the policy of his office to investigate all fatal uses of deadly force.ce by law enforcement officers. and to present the evidence to a grand t jury. so a panel of citizens can make the final determination ofof possible criminal charges.s. by the way.ay negligent homicide is a misdemeanor. a 180 days intoto jail.
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one body her family says that they are just crushed by this.i nows. the prosecutor told the t judge the evidence in the caseca isse strong.
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>> now i spoke to the rich landi county prosecutor. a little bitro ago. she tolda me no charges are fild there yet. she expects something to come sometime. in the next few weeks. waiting to get a positivev identification. on the victimeei there. meanwhile. grate is due back in court here in ashac land county on monday. >> . much more to come. >> the parents caught an camera. leaving an infant alone. while they got food at a buffete will not facet charges.s. a customer shot this video last month. than 4 million times.ti the parents were just a few feee away. and say they were watching the baby the whole time. police say there's no evidenceee the baby was ever in danger. >> . it's a video that triggers a lot of strong reaction.n shot. a school bus stop.t ito shows what appears to ber
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pointing them in the direction of the i bus. we have the video tonight.o joining us from the studio. >> . that video has been shared on social media. since beenm deleted.d but whene you see it you might understand why it is generateg -td some concern. >>ed s . . shot in canton. a school bus bringing kids home thursday afternoon. the video posted on social media. what appears to be three people with weapons standing in the tprobts front yard of an apartment.
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they're not just acting like they're harming other they could get hurt.t doing it. ultng it. would think it's okay. to have your gunpoint.g your kid poeubtu point a gun. at anybody.n even if youy know it's fake. >> . one of the the students on the bus.bu the weapons by the way are believed to be fake. they're believed to be pellet guns. but again law enforcement who we talked with today said looking atd that video in particular there would be no way forn them to have known that.n at the time. police say they do have a reporr from thee thatn claim they don't haveh enougha information. to have been able to findi then individuals who are involved.
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live in pwrupbs wick what do you have for us. >>ou . good afternoon. it is week four already ofd friday night touch and conference play begins arpbs the area for many teams. including for the blue devils. they will face the solen cometsm
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conference show down. solen comes in with a two and one record. >> handing them the first loss of thee season. meanwhile.e. comes in one and two. lost two straight games. both of thest games have been decided by a touch down. so. coming into tonight.ig theh blue deviling happy to be home. back in front of the crowd. after having the last two weeks on the road.r and theyo feel that one play hee or there. could be the difference betweenw a three and zero team. and one and two team.
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certainly been an interesting week here. had the national anthem controversy. last week.e involving one of the footballkb players. and then somea racist threats were made.d by some footballe players. so they were going through that. tonight. for the first time returningg home. since this whole incident. and since the whole incident became known to the public. also tonight. also having a superhe for six year-old. who was killed inix a car crash. it will be an interesting night. in fact they have a banner hanging here. that says hash tag. encouraging everyone to wear superhero attire to the game. >> excited to be back home. back playing football. get their mind and focus back on what's really matters here.h
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education. >> . perfect night for football. we have been so lucky this year. >>hi . four weeks in a row. >> we have high clouds in the sky.k a few if you puffy wins.wi indicating a front heading inn our direction. nearing thedi region.n. not here yet. it will stay dry for the games. chilly start this morning.n forty-nine.
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sweatshirt or light jacket onj thea kids. forty-seven. forty-eight in wooster this morning. now # 2 degrees. 82 degrees now. talk about a nicece recovery with wi the sunshine. >> . we have mans field at 81. with a sun filled sky. winds right now around the south and west direction. five to ten. we have the low to mid 80s across the buck eye state. rain cooled corridor. detroit to 71. indianapolis from the rain trying to moveol closer.clos to dew points really rise.i wes had dew points in the 50s yesterday. sixtys now. look atyesixty this. upper 60s low 70s to the south and west. right along the front its.t you'res. noticing a few more clouds around.s we'll watch the showers closer and closer.l toos the ohio boundary.o if any ofu those do make it. all the way this far east.t. it would be basically between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. again the games will benig dry. watching these showers andn storms here. this front will be draping from
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that will bring uso a chance ofo on and offf showers and storms.o throughout ther day tomorrow.o even starting aftermo midnightmi tonight. waking up tomorrow.o maybe hard to get upm and getg going. noe worries. hopefully you're on off ono saturday. >>n . that's where the bulk of the instability will be. just the first half ofns sundays so again pick day will be sunday. upperer 60s. tph*bgdzing clouds. increasing clouds. sho*ufrs on the way.c showers on the way.
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sleeping. tomorrow we're looking at upper 70s. tphra*eupb periods. rainy periods.s. obviously not a good boating day. sunday for the pick day of theof weekend. i hope the browns make it alsoa pick day of the weekend. nice to have a win on there. sunshine monday. beautiful through wednesday. which is the end of summer.s fallu arrives on thursday. 10:21:00 a.m. high of 80. >>hi . gorgeous. >> . b >b . head over for a fall fun guide. we have a list of all kind of activities if you and your family. to have a good time. >> . all right fromo hay h hayrides o haunted houses -fpt pumpkin patches. there's a lot to keep you busy.u always here on the north coast. the fall funsrth guide. fox eight .com.
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gorgeous evening here in northeast enjoy. >> . all right.ri ready for trending -fplgt. >>.>> >> . criminal record won't keep you from w getting into college.. but be careful what you post in cyber space. >> all the stories tonight. >> we start with the internet. of course.s internet world you need toeu n protect yourself. protecting yourself in cyb space starts with you.. and the information you put out there. chase bank put out a list of six ways you are being too open online. as a way to make people aware they can be in danger. number one. using public wi-fi.- anybody can access the hot spot. which means your information could be vulnerable. to prying eyes. pass words or e-mails you looklk at or use during that time couli be inm jeopardy. number two.r giving out t personal informatin bya e-mail.e-
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you don't knowy that your reaccept recipient is. >> . number three. posting too freely on sociall media. if you post about going away on vacation. on facebook. and settings are private.r the wrong people tkould see thet post andk take advantage. number filling out online forms. sometimes information could be sold toion e-mail advertisers. be careful with that. number five using weak or repetitive pass words. >>s . number six. last one. accepting privacym policies without reading them.n most times thisg won't hurt you just goody practice you should give them ati once over before e accept them. >a . amazing how often we let our guards down.
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some people general ewely do want to move on and change their life. give people a second chance. >>e . interesting to see if they're looking at the typesp ofes crimes. >> .
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>> . sraoeuplt crime or. violent crime or. people can turn their livesl
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>> rocky river. and lake wood is doing out here it's very nice. >>he's . the driver 37 year-old of columbia station.a isti charged with aggravatedt vehiculare homicide. investigators say he was on drugs. at the time of the crash. >> . o> he is> expected to first appeare in court tomorrowar morning. meanwhile visitation for will be from three to eight wednesday. he leaves behind three children. >> at the start of the week.e we wante to end the week with a truly remarkable story from the day. >> imaginefr being almost 80 floors up ina thel word trade center. and being blind.
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wrapped inside a story of survival. >> . michael guide dog is always by his side. he spoke onis friday at universy school.l. recalling the horror of beingb with thee previous guide dog. in the first tower struck by a plane on september 11. along with his business colleague. >> . hsi i stood in the doornn way. david and i said good-bye to each ore. we thought we were going to takk a plunge to the the buildingr stopped and began >> the building had been designed to sway.y. in strong winds. w andi then move back into play.y. he told staoupts that his lack of sight and the trust between b himselfe and his guide dog. helped in his onca 9/11. >> . put another way. >> don't let your sight get inge the way of your vision.n. >> inside the tower on 9/11. michael says sighted people were terrified by what they saw. debris and fire. fi outside the window.
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worked to helpa people get down 78 flights of stairs.t away from thea towers. then into a safer building. >> . sighted people often sell blind people short on what they can accomplish. his mess apbl. focus on what you have. not what you don't. to help youou inin anyn situation. >> . you are defined by how row useu these gifts that god has given you. in order to live your life. >>li . . on 9/11. michael used his gift to help himself. and many others. simply survive.
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incredible story. today ised the day apple enthusiests have been waiting for. >> . of people lininghh up outside the store this morning. they wanted to be among the first to get their hands on the iphone seven. both the seven and seven s un-vailed last week.t some stores sold out. we found one apple user who says he can'ta afford to be leftl behind. when thee new iphones come out.
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starting here momentarily.
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season. always a really good time. but really it's a beautiful dayd and a beautifula no matter what you're doing. if you want too sit inside go fr it. whatever you want to do. just a wa nice friday evening.i eighty-three the highn temperature. almost 10 degreeste above the norm. fifty-four the low. a cool start this-fo morning. and sun sunset coming up at 7:34. let's take a look at some temperatures. across the board here from. eighty-two. toe 78.8. barber ton 82. and we' like easto lake 73. madison 80. >> . region wide. temperatures.ur surpbling ahead of ae front. de- troeut. indianapolis. showing rain cooled temperatures. detroit. seventy-one in indianapolis. up upstream near des moines
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comfortable temperatures right now.atu our dewn points will be climbin. middle and upper 60s tonight. throughout the day tomorrow. associate -td with someto showe. and maybe somes downpours throughout the day tomorrow.
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i know what you're doing in cleveland. tailgating. toledo looking quiet too. in the afternoon, from down through youngs town. akron. canton. new filly. the areas could haveve a couplef showers bubbling up. just because of the proximity.i and thet positioning of thet actual front.h through the next 24f hours. a quarter to half isc a general amount of rainfalf we're anticipating added saturday night.t. by sunday really nothing except maybe near the points south.s from that. .. for tonight looking at upper 60s. warm. humid. rain developing. and thenin tomorrow, get ready r something inside. upper 70s. periods of7 rain. could be a thunder bumper oror two. sunday better chance of beingb dry. all daye long. especially north and northwest. really monday tuesday and wednesday. the last few day of summer.
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80. thursday. that will be the arrival of fall. sunny near 80.8 and right now this point i woulw say friday night toucho down wek number five. will be dry too.
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...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five... steak 'n shake. suggests otherwise. donald trump acknowledges president obama was born in the united states. >> .ma th the>> announcementerer reversesr his stancee on one of the issues that propelled him into national
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well before making that statement. trump blamed clinton for starting the rumor. back in 2008 presidential campaign. clinton says trumps acknowledgment doesn't go far enough and must also apologize. >> . . discover a 119a year-old ship wreck. at the bottom ol of group spentsu years looking for the wreck. and found the 187-foot ship. using sonar. that ship sank in 1897.8 while being9 towed to wisconsinn no onesi died.d. the men hope it will eventually be declared a historic site. >>stor . 150 year-old belgium brewery. found a new way to transporta beern to a bottling plant. an under ground pipeline.
5:46 pm
mile long pipeline. constructed in five months after four years ofon planning. >> . finally meet the as friends are calling him. marty mcfly.c the proud owner off a classic winged door de- like the one in back to thehe future. also the owner of a speeding ticket for tkpwaeupbg going 88 miles per hour. which fans know is88 the exact speed you need to go to ignite the flux capacitor.. coincidence. he really wasn't trying to travel through time. .. cool car.
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put your arms up bill. >> . i love that roller coaster. >> . if you can't make it to cedar point today. we wantoi to give you one last ride on the mean streak.
5:50 pm
tallest fastest wooden roller coaster. will have itsts last ride tonig. >> . mean streak will be torn down to make way for what the park is calling a new something. >> >> it's a roller coaster thate hasr scared the socks off thousands of riders.r eachi year.r. the mean streak is going to that great big roller coaster graveyard in the sky. >>d this ride has endured a lol of differento changes in thet park. >>he why get rid of a perfectly good roller coaster. look at it. a built like a tank.. all the wood. bolts, steel. back in is 1991. tony clark, director of media relations says it's matter of trying to taeu fresh. and looking atto things in a different way. >> . . in order to do what we have to do ha here in frontier town. this has to go. and over the years there's lotso
5:51 pm
it takes a lot to maintain. >> it will be buried on friday night. bulldozed to make way for somethingw new. what that something is.i your guess iss. add tkpwaoz as mine. how about a hint. hints unless you hire me after ime get let go for releasg them tor you. >> .ehem> look for> an official announcement. for the new something. sometime very soon. >>som their lips are sealed. >> . a walk down tphepl reu lane. walk down memory before then debut of the film. movie focusing on the hectic touring years of the fab four.o during the height ofu beatle
5:52 pm
it's great.. the music is the heart of it. >>of . just proved to be a very gratifying experience. andex i'm already nostalgic for it. after two years of working with it. it's a little sad to let it go. >> beatles eight days a week.e ae ron howard film in theaters this weekend. along with a new sound track off live beatles performances. >> . all right. with our. weather. tonight will be beautiful forul football. but. we have some rain moving in for the weekend. >> that's correct. for the games you are good to go this evening. no worries. but starting later tonight and really through theght throughout the day a different story. st tomorrow will be dreary. clouds tkeu. the raintk showers around. and downpours. at times. t and then it will come in waves. through tomorrow by sunday most of us will stay dry.
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that being saids. our southeast counties may hold onto a chancec ofh a shower here or there. especially through the morning hours. of course next week the last few day of summer withwe sunshine. upper 70s to near 80. and8 celebrate fall. 1:21 10:21:00 a.m. thursday.y. slim chance of a shower on friday.y.f it does peer friday night touch down week five may keep this dry stretch going.go this trend. even for next friday. andt weekend. >>t . thank you. >> . on the go.o we heard. about this a few weeks ago. now see the germ delivery teste forry yourself.
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>> all right.g happyh friday. rain coming in. i but other than thatn. gorgeous. and all next weekgo looks beautiful. there you go. >>ful. . all right it's a bird it's a plane. drone food tkhr*eu reu testt
5:57 pm
at virginia tech right now. >> n . delivery test. . students on campus.a they shouldm practice at 3:00 a.m. shouldn't they. >>n't . participant and pizza.pi may deliver pizza. participants order from a secret currently. food is prepared on the foodf truck ono site. then the flying food is dropped to the ground. > >> it's cool. honestly. i don't think any other restaurants are using anything like that. >>ingn researchers will hand ovr the data to the faa. will plans of deliveringri necessities to rural areas or after natural disasters. that's something people hadn't thought about.p it could bele terrific. gettingte needed supplies tos people. >> . >> all right appreciate your time here. >>pr
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>> local law enforcement community got together today to salute a state trooper.t killed in the line ofr duty. >> we have just learned that funeral information for trooper. and we will get to that.h in just aa moment. >> but first. fox eight joins us today. with that touching tribute. >>ch . jack. >> that's right. it was a very emotional friends and coworkers said good-bye to the trooper: .
5:59 pm
something from he his death. >>s . police officers escort the body of ohio highway patrol trooper into coroner office. in cleveland.l to hise hometown. trooper was killed op thursday. when he was struck by a car while assigned to traffic enforcement on i 90.. near the cleveland lake wood border. death has struck a nerve withv greatere clevelanders of all ages. >> . >> motorcade arrives in hror rain.n. friends gatherd to payen respects. and say good-bye to the 48the year-old trooper. tr who had been planning his retirement. at the time he was killed. >> . one of the best. greatest. he was an awesome guy. >>we .
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the best he could. he died doing what he liked. >> . he'll always be a hero. >> . those who served allock alongside him.e and those he inspired to serve. >> you know the risk when you do the job.o everyb. officer knows every day could be his last. it's sadis to see that was his. >> . about the tkaeupbls of it should be a wake up call to the about the dangers of distracted driving. >> . unattended driving. just thated simple. people not paying attention. on their phonesa or just. everybody is in a hurry. no one cares about anybodydy anymore. it's about themselves. and somebody wasn'tse paying attention when i got't hit. and now this cost kenny his life. >> . the trooper was the proud father of three children.


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